All About The Death Of Shekau, Boko Haram’s Leader

Some current news let us understand that the leader of Boko Haram is dead in a battle in Borno State. However, each part claim to be the hero (Cameroun claimed to be the hero, and Nigeria says the contrary). Despite these two different statements, we must recognize that thjis death could get weaker all the organization.

It already seems that some insurged gave up after hearing about the death of their leader.

Vanguard, try to explain us how that happened:

According to the magazine, a first battle took place in Konduga and lasted over 7 hours and the Nigerian army won it. Many rebels have been made prisoner and guns have been seized.

Then, army officers decided to trap the terrorist’s leader who was not there. , so, they asked rebels to convince their leader to come and this help will be an advantage for them face to the judges.

So they captured insurged made a call to their leader, try to convince him that they have won a fight against the Army. That anything was right. They started singing their song of victory. They told him to come to Konduga through Sambisa’s forest.

Convinced that anything was right, Abubakar Shekau, and his followers went to Konduga but he has been surprised to be trapped. He has noticed that he could not fight against a better organized and armed group. He left his tank MOWAG and started going away but he died after all the shoots from soldiers of Nigeria Army.
In fact, the captured insurged revealed that their leader used to move on through a convoy of several armored vehicle. He always is himself in a tank at the head of the convoy.
Shekau has been easily captured thanks to this previous information. Guns and ammunitions have been seized.

It is a great victory for army in their fight against terrorism that happened on 17 September 2014 in the North East.
“The supposed leader of Boko Haram has been killed. He was to conquer Konduga after Maiduguri.”

From some sources:

“We can declare that the leader of Boko Haram we saw in previous videos of the organization is dead. He has been killed during the battle of Konduga on 17 September 2014.”
We also had from other sources many members went in the closer countries such as Cameroun after the death of their leader. One soldier told us:
“We are analyzing a corpse which is that of Shekau” he added “he could pursue his activities no more. I get nothing else to add. Thank!”
A high responsible of Nigeria army added also:
“We are sure it is him. The marks on the face, his bread are the same. Also, the armored vehicle, the Hilux jeeps we could see in his previous videos all have been seized after the battle”
« The Army headquarters promise to make declaration at the end of current investigations. »

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